The Artist

After getting his diploma from an artschool in Amsterdam in 2001 in character design and storyboarding
Roland went to Eindhoven to the Eindhovense school to get his diploma in graphic design.

In between these years of studying,
Roland created a bunch of selfwriten unpublished comicbook’s
and has enough work done to fill at least 2 albums for numerous titles.

Seeing comic’s aren’t big business in NL as they are in the US
he decided to go graphic, in designs that is…

With plans of starting his own compagny,
as a small one-manned graphic design bureau, things finally went right for the dude..

Until he ran in to a man named Ben..
The two guys started talking and soon they found out they had similar interests
martial arts, knives, guns, explosions, adventure..
only difference is that Ben is a decorated war veteran, and Roland only dreams of doing the things ol’ Benny does.

Roland, seeing that he is a cartoonist at heart..
(Even though he doesn’t admit it from time to time),
asked Ben what he thought of the idea to make a comic strip with him as the base,
to tell his story through the panels of a comic, Ben said fine.

And here the first pages are shown after 6 months of labor and listening to Ben’s story’s day in day out…

Thus the series SGT BENBO was born

hope you enjoy the read, Sincerly:

Roland & MR Benbo


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